Current Status.

December 05, 2016

More of a blog post/status update. If by some chance you were following my progress on Trello/MFG Screenshots Thread/Facebook, I was going strong in August and September then vanished in early October. I got sick. I've mostly recovered throughout November and actually started working on Trunkz again starting light by doing is DBSuper hyper sprites(all the SSj ones are done!). I'm now having problems again, so I'm working those out hopefully before Christmas before I use the computer much at all again. I may end up bailing out on the Beam System for Mu1.1 I was working on, or just leave it as is for now and release v1.0 of the system in it's imperfect state.
That's pretty much it! Where will I post updates now? I don't know.. actually. Here maybe? Facebook is a crap-hole of political victimization, clickbait, and advertising so I very rarely post there anymore. Trello will get updates as I find them useful. I'll make a WIP thread on MFG when I feel I can justify it, until then you can see me there trolling around on occasion in General/ATL threads, unless I eventually get bant for mass disrespect or something.

Trunks 2.0 Public Alpha1 released for Mugen 1.1!

April 19, 2016

He has no hypers yet and honestly he is more of an FX test than anything. My current WIP is the CommonFX System I'm putting together for my own characters. Up front it is a ton of work but should speed character production up by a huge amount as it keeps me from using photoshop for almost everything including hue shifts. I've been more or less throwing 2 hours a day into for the past 3 months. Learned alot the engine in the process and have better ways of doing alot of what is already in there! With that said I'll hopefully get some more updates going.

I have been posted progress updates on my Trello, Facebook, and to a lesser extent Youtube

Download The Alpha Here!

Krillin 1.0 released.

September 28, 2015

Krillin 1.0 is released! He includes 3 sprite sets, which give him 4 costume/saga options (more info in his readme). I also includes a Japanese voice option! The sprites used for Krillin are also included in the "/sprite_sheets" folder on the character. Let me know if he has bugs or things you think are problems. There's alot to him so I'm sure I missed some things! Now on to the next project, or going back underground again!..

The Japanese voices are included in the main package, and can be activated by changing the SND in his .DEF or by simply adding this line to your select.def: "Krillin_CStrife/Krillin_Jp_CStrife.def"

Garlic Jr 2.1 released.

March 07, 2015

I updated Garlic Jr with some fixes to Dead Zone, his power up, and most importantly I added a Japanese voice option! The Japanese voices are included in the main package, and can be activated by changing the SND in his .DEF or by simply adding this line to your select.def: "GarlicJr2_CStrife/GarlicJr2_Jp_CStrife.def"

Garlic Jr 2.0 released.

March 01, 2015

It's been a very long time! I have released Garlic Jr 2.0 for Mugen 1.1! Be sure to download him and his stage for Mugen 1.1 if you haven't already!

I also fixed all the links for my files on the site for old and "new" stuff... I think, if any Character/Stage/Addon downloads are broken let me know!

For more DBZ related stuff, check out Neocide's DBKai Allstars game over at Mugen Guild or keep an eye out for ZGT Kai too, you can check the group out and their Mugen related work on Facebook!

Mugen 1.1 Stages reuploaded.

May 03, 2013

Someone leaked Mugen 1.1 Alpha4. So I leaked my Garlic Jr Lookout stage for Mugen 1.1 and also fixed all the download links to my Mugen 1.1 stuff. Which includes all my Mugen 1.1 stages and Android 16!
If you find any dead links, go here to download them instead!

Garlic Jrs Lookout

Status and Dead links.

January 26, 2012

Hey all, I was KO'd pretty hard by the flu and needed to spend more time catching up on things IRL that I fell behind on. In the past week it seems 000webhost thought it would be a good idea to delete half of my files again without any warning or notification prior or after the removal. So basically as far as a free host, I'm only expecting html pages and simple images to stay online here, fair enough. I am currently moving all my characters/stages/addons/dnz2k5 over to my mediafire account. I'll update their pages later but for now:
All characters and stages are available here! Click Me!

Benhazard resprited my Garlic Jr sheet and made some stylish looking basics which look much better than some of the old Bojack/Piccolo Stuff I was using. He also added a few new attacks to it as well as some additional frames for the stance, basics, etc. So I am sprite swapping the old Garlic Jr 1.5, and I'll update some of the more worthless abilities (Dead Zone and Garlic Smash), and see if I can get a couple more specials thrown in. Then I'll make him 1.1 Compatible. No promises on a future release! Y'all know me, same old G! I could disappear at random due women, work, or wibbles.

Part 2 of Operation: Get Stuff Done Complete!

December 17, 2012

For those who missed it, I released 16 yesterday for Mugen 1.1, but he does include an alternate DEF that calls code and sprites for Mugen 1.0! (The 1.0 version isn't as polished as the 1.1 version)

Today I uploaded 7 of my Mugen 1.1 stages, 3 Hi-Res stages and 4 Hybrid Res stages. They will run in Mugen 1.0 it seems, but they will have very poor FPS. If you are a stage designer and programmer feel free to take a look at the code and some of the new functions (it's almost the same just zoom, name, and scale/rotation stuff).

There are still 2 incomplete stages that Roken put together for me sprite wise, SB2 - Earth Day (Cell's Stage) and BYR - Canyon (Cell's Stage again!). I need to do a bit of cleaning to the SB2 Earth Day stage before I piece it all together again. I need to make the ground tile, and add minor hills to the ground, simple stuff.

I'll try to suck it up and get Krillin finished next, since he IS a Mugen 1.0 character.

Android 16 Released

December 16, 2012

Step one of my master plan is complete. Android 16 is available for download in the Characters Section. 000Webhost might try and kill you download so if the download fails please try again. I'll add mirrors to the entire package (including JP and En voice packs) on various message boards.

I also fixed some issues with the side, some of those horizontal scroll bars are gone!

Personal Life

December 10, 2012

I know a MUGEN related promise from me coming through lately is about as likely as the world ending on Dec. 21st! However assuming hell does freeze over, a preview of what is to come can be found in the Movelists section!
He is 100% finished and functional for Mugen 1.1. I still have the older SFF which is SFFv1(WinMugen, Mugen1.0) so I am going to try and make sure it still works with his current build and get a v1.0 release out. It's 16 by the way. His movelist is slightly more interactive than the others! Roll the mouse over his preview images and they change! Well like half of them do. Some are fully explained in a single frame.

If all goes through (unlikely I know) Krillin for Mugen1.0 will also be coming. He is done as well, I just have to remember which states I gave invalid animations to. I am 99% sure it was win poses planned for his 3/4 costumes, but it's been a year since I touched him.

In addition I'll try and package these 7 Mugen 1.1 stages:
Improved versions of my 3 snow stages.(Hi-brid Res)
Daytime and Sunset Desert stages.(SB2 Hi-Res)
Cloudy Mountain Top DBZ styled stage. (DBKai Intro inspried, Hi-brid Res)
Starry Night (SB3 Hi-Res)

I know MUGEN 1.1 hasn't released at this time, but when it does come out you'll have some modernized old school DBZ stages which are all very pretty at least! I have a good feeling about Mugen 1.1 and this Christmas though!

I have been working for a living now for over two years making the big $$$, even after becoming a single bachelor 6-7 months ago, I am still too tired or reckless to sit and work on MUGEN. But I've still got projects to finish, so I'll get what I can before my health diminishes more and some sanity yet remains within me!

Fixed up the site more, still semi-working on Mugen

February 11, 2012

Fixed some minor issues with the site. 16's self-destruct is mostly done. Yay. I'm going to side-track yet again as I go off an build a new website for someone else though. Much more important than MUGEN! :)

What about me?

January 21, 2012

Updated the About Me page so it's slightly less focused on Mugen. It's still a pointless page for anyone's boredom or to pick up girls on the internet!

Still truckin' along.

January 08, 2012

I forgot to mention last time that I also have that Starry Night remake stage with hi-res sprites by Roken. The one I demoed 16 on in the Youtube video from ages ago. I'm also looking to 1.1 my Kami's Lookout Stages, either lo or hybrid resolution before I make the hi-res version.

I fixed some more crap on Krillin, I'm going to throw his intros on hold for a bit while I finish Android's 16 self-destruct, which I have restarted and have a few statedefs done already. Too bad it's back to full time at work with no vacation til May!!

Will something be released before the end of the world?

January 02, 2012

Did more work on Krillin today ReadMe and 1.1 compatible, check the movelist section if you are interested! I just need to skim through and make sure there is nothing else to fix. And assuming I get my stuff together and keep on track for 2012 this is what we'll have.

Android 16
Mugen 1.1 +improved versions of my 3 snow stages.
Daytime and Sunset Desert stages remade for Mugen 1.1 completely in High Res.
Cloudy Mountain Top DBZ styled stage.

If I get back into Mugen altogether Garlic Jr and Android 18 will get their new sprites and overhauls. Android 17 will get various fixes. Bojack will get an update for 1.1 compatibility and a new attack or two. Zangya was already updated for 1.1 compatibility, I'll rerelease her when 1.1 comes out.

Added a 404 page! Exciting!

November 16, 2011

I've been very very busy, but I went ahead a fixed up the Spritesheet page so there are 3 characters listed row instead of one. Basically, I coded a PHP routine to build a table based on an array. The page pops open pretty quick depite there being a loop to read an array(1 loop per cell) and a table so maybe I did things alright. (Until some pretentious web dev pops in saying "hur hur tables r ghey hur hur retard")

I combined all the Krillin pallettes awhile ago. Buu Saga Krillin had all kinds of obnoxious pallette issues(random pixels in off colors etc), I'm sure I'll have to fix him more once he's animated in MUGEN. I hope to have something ready for Christmas, but it's very unlikely with work being as bad as it's been... +Skyrim and Terraria 1.1, I mean COME ON! :o)

Wow, can it really be true?

November 05, 2011

Yep! I did something!
It's been a long time since I've shown anything even remotely related to Mugen being worked on, aside from this website. The TheLegendarySSW asked if I'd be doing a Saiyan Saga Krillin to go with the character. At the time no, but he got me thinking about how making that sprite set would be too bad at this point. Copy the pants below the knees on my Buu Saga Krillin, the transfer them over to my Cell Saga Krillin, Add socks, edit out blue shirts, and done!

The sheet: Click here!

Added a 404 page! Exciting!

October 15, 2011

So I added a 404 page finally for those unfinished sections. I plan on trying to get things done closer to Christmas, in terms of both site, and characters. I've been pondering things over on how to properly approach pallette/transformations on individual characters of mine so I can easily add more options and also have throw/custom state compatibility. I have a good method, and need to redo some SFFs. I'll leave 16's alone but I will redo Krillin's .SFF so I can also consider adding a third clothes option. Please don't give your hopes up though as I am fairly busy between the job, homework from the job, girlfriend, and otehr random stuff I need to or would rather do! If No progress is made on 16 and Krillin by Xmas, I'll release the MUGEN 1.1 versions of them, even if Mugen 1.1 is not realeased yet. Downgrading them to 1.0 would be fairly simple anyway.. "Then why don't you just downgrade them?" You may be asking! The answer is simply, "Because I really don't feel like it." and that is all the reason I need not to do something MUGEN related.

I'm still around..

September 25, 2011

Hi there! I'm still alive. The project has hit a snag- No. I've been busy working. I'm thinking I'll be releasing the unfinished 16 and Krillin eventually since I dont seem to have time to work on Mugen. Maybe things will clear up, maybe not! :)

So much to do!

July 30, 2011

I've been keeping busy, both IRL and online. I uploaded Trunkz and Cloud Beta 2's Preview videos, so now people can see what they've got going on(more of these and movelists to come). I also got the MISC page up, not all the links are working in there yet, but you can gain access to my sprite sheets from there! In addition I'm adding Yuuna Miyama as a sort of site mascot of sorts for now, thanks to a certain lovely lady who gave me the idea. I need to make a whole bunch more images of her like that then I'll code in something to hopefully pick them in a looping order for news posts. Until then she will just be shown on the most recent news.

ZGTeam Forumz is changing too, some of us their are adding to the board. Spoiler tags, larger avatars, and a wider board.

Oh and if you like Minecraft I also uploaded most of the player skins I created for it. Use them, edit them, enjoy them! (You can find them in the MISC section).

Movelists, WIPS, and ZGTeam!

July 22, 2011

I've modified the template for my character's ReadMe/Movelists a bit to match this site. For now you can view Garlic Jr's Movelist, I will make downloadable versions too in the future as well but will also continue to include them in my characters. I also plan to make youtube preview video's for all of my existing characters. Some obviously exist already, but for Yamcha, Trunkz, Cloud and such there isn't much to see so far. Hopefully that will change soon, as well as my lack of a sprite sheets section.

ZGTeam Forumz is still back(link is below), feel free to register and post there! If you remember it being too strict with rules in ages past, we plan to make the forum much more leniant.

Update: Desaturated the "in progress" portraits on the Characters page slightly more. Also added the Piccolo WIP page.

Site Officially Open!

July 17, 2011

To those who didn't know about it this is my new website for hosting and releasing new Mugen content. There is still some more things I need to do, but for now all my old Mugen material is avaialable for download. Please report any dead links or corrupt files.

Before anyone gets too excited, the greyed out characters may or may not be WIPs currently, but they do serve as a guideline for some of my future Mugen plans, if I ever get around to finishing it. :)

Update: ZGTeam Forum has just returned to the world of the living. We reopened the old forum from 2004-2006. Expect to see some information about 16 and Krillin soon. Info on Mugen 1.1, and catching up on old times!

Characters are coming online.

July 16, 2011

As you can see I still have a ways to go. I've got most of the files transferred over and am getting each chaarcter page going. I will likely remove the WIP part of the bar for something else since my Characters page will serve as a WIP page as well. So far 17, 18, Bojack, and GarlicJr are set up. I'll take care of the rest then start on the Stages page. The movelists are not online yet! I may end up redesigning them for this site. Or... maybe not!

In other news, ZGTeam Forumz might be making a return! Hurray! :D

Under Construction.

July 12, 2011

This site will be under construction for some time. I'll add content such as my Mugen characters, stages, add-ons, as well as some other goodies. The intent is to replace my good old lycos website. More details to come later.

New Website!

July 10, 2011

Hey look it's a new website! This was totally necessary! Really, it was!

What's this?

July 08, 2011

I hear there's Chrono on the internets.